Funds Under Management


All funds are listed with the year they were created or transferred to the Foundation.

Agency Designated Funds

Designated funds restrict the annual earnings to a specific charitable entity, providing a permanent source of funds for that organization.

Altrusa Club of Richmond Fund to Benefit Girls Inc.-2010

To provide support to Girls, Inc. of Wayne County.

H. Charles and Joan Bartel Endowment Fund-2004

To benefit St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and Wayne County Foundation.

Chris Benton Fund to Benefit Starr-Gennett Foundation-2014

S. Edgar Bond Family Fund-2000

To benefit Earlham College.

Book Bank Fund-2008

Established to enable qualified college students in Wayne County to purchase text books in anticipation of a distribution of financial aid.

Bowen Family Fund-1999

To benefit St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and Wayne County Foundation.

Jim Bower Fund for Stage One Youth Theatre-2006

Established in Jim’s memory by his family and friends to support the Stage One Youth Theatre.

Zelma Bozworth Memorial Fund-1993

To benefit the Wayne County Historical Museum.

Clay and Opal Brooks Family Fund-1982

To help pay for improvements in Whitewater Gorge Park.

Lowell and Gladys Brooks Athletic Opportunity Fund-2006

To give students of Centerville Junior-Senior High Schools the opportunity to participate in the schools' athletic programs when they would not otherwise be able to participate due to financial hardship or the inability to pay for required equipment or fees.

Lowell and Gladys Brooks Christian Education Fund-2006

To be used to purchase materials for religious education activities and programs at the church.

Ira Carter Neighborhood Development Fund-2000

To fund special neighborhood projects. 

Centerville-Abington Schools Educational Endowment Fund-1989

To provide teacher mini-grants and student scholarships.  The Rose Hamilton Scholarship Fund is a component fund.

Fund for Civic Hall Performing Arts Center-2015

To provide support to Civic Hall Performing Arts Center of Richmond, IN

Melissa Wilson Coffin and Anna Nicholson Coffin Memorial Fund-1999

To purchase large print and regular print non-fiction books for Morrison-Reeves Library.

Clifford J. and Martha J. Dickman Family Endowment Fund-2005

To benefit Seton Catholic Schools.

Pauline Druley Fund to Benefit the Wayne County Red Cross-2010

To provide general operation and program support to the Wayne/Union County Chapter American Red Cross.

James D. and Penny C. Duke Fund for the Boys and Girls Club of Wayne County - 2014

James D. and Penny C. Duke Fund for the Richmond Art Museum - 2014

First Bank Scholarship Fund-2001
To benefit students enrolled at Seton Catholic High School and Richmond Academy who demonstrate financial need.

Albert C. and M. Loraine Gentry Fund-2017
To provide support to the Starr-Gennett Foundation

Frank and Madeline Hensley Memorial Fund-2001

To benefit the Lutherania Cemetery.

Tom & Mary Heyob Fund for the Altrusa Club of Richmond-2009

To provide support to the Altrusa Club of Richmond.

Tom & Mary Heyob Fund for the Golay Center-2009

To provide support to the Golay Center.

Tom & Mary Heyob Fund for Historic Landmarks Foundation-2009

To provide support to Historic Landmarks Foundation.

Tom & Mary Heyob Fund for Seton Elementary School-2009

To provide support to Seton Elementary Schools.

Tom & Mary Heyob Fund for St. Martha Catholic Church-2009

To provide support to St. Martha Catholic Church in Prestonburg, KY.

Tom & Mary Heyob Fund for Wayne County Foundation-2009

To provide support to the Women's Giving Circle and The Women's Fund of the Wayne County Foundation.

Tom & Mary Heyob Fund for the Wayne County Historical Museum-2009

To provide support to the Wayne County Historical Museum.

Donald L. and Martha L. Hoffman Memorial Fund-1985

To benefit Richmond Civic Theatre’s Center Stage (Studio 10) program and its library.

G. Howard and Helen L. Holthouse Memorial Fund-2004

To fund the “Teacher of the Year” award at Seton Catholic High School.

Holthouse-Thomas Memorial Fund-1990

To benefit St. Andrew Catholic Church.

John Charles and Gertrude Pardieck Hubbard Fund for Continuing Catholic Education-1989

To support religious educational programs in Richmond's three Catholic parishes. 

Mattie G. Jacobs Memorial Fund-2001

To benefit the Richmond Art Museum.

Vikki Johnson Permance Arts Endowment Fund-2007

To provide support in equal shares to Richmond Civic Hall Performing Arts Center and Richmond Civic Theatre.

Jose Fund for Every Child Can Read - 2014

Charles E. Kienzle-Kiwanis Endowment Fund-1998

To benefit Riley Hospital, a philanthropic project of the Kiwanis Club of Richmond.

Gilbert Klose Endowment Fund -2007

To provide support to Rock Solid Ministries


Kuhlman Center Endowment Fund-2012

To provide support for the maintenance of, operation of, and programming associated with the Kuhlman Center of the Wayne County, Indiana, Fairgrounds.

Lilly Scholarship PR Fund-1997

To fund College for a Day and other education activities of the Foundation.

Father John Luerman - Circle U Help Center Fund – 2011

To provide support to Circle U Help Center.


Father John Luerman Fund for Western Wayne Dollars for Scholars-2012

To provide support for the Western Wayne Dollars for Scholars Chapter.


Father John Luerman St. Vincent De Paul Endowment Fund - 2007

To provide material aid to hungry, homeless, and needy people through the St. Vincent de Paul Society at St. Andrew Catholic Church. 

Father John Luerman Tuition Assistance Fund-2012

To provide tuition assistance for Seton Elementary School students who demonstrate financial need.

Henry J & Hedwig Seegers Luerman Family - Circle U Help Center Fund-2011

To provide support to Circle U Help Center.


Henry J. and Hedwig Seegers Luerman - St. Vincent de Paul Endowment Fund-2009

To provide material aid to hungry, homeless, and needy people through the St. Vincent de Paul Society at St. Andrew Catholic Church. 


Rev. John Luerman - Western Wayne Senior Center Inc. Fund-2006

To support the activities of the Western Wayne Senior Center.

Lamar Lundy Endowment Fund - 2007

To support the operations and programs of the Townsend Community Center.

Carolyn MacDowell, RN, fund for Adult Day Care-2008

To be used for general operation and program expenses of the organization.

Henry Macy Memorial Museum Fund-1988

To benefit the Levi Coffin House and the Wayne County Historic Museum.

Carl J. Martin Endowment Fund for West Grove Cemetery - 2015

To benefit the West Grove Cemetery in Centerville, IN

The Gloria J. and Richard L. McClaren Scholarship Fund for Seton High School-2012

To provide tuition assistance to students attending Seton High School in Richmond, Indiana.

Joe and Roma Meyer Family Fund for Ivy Tech-2012

To provide support to the Richmond campus of Ivy Tech Community College.

Mary Helen Miller Operating Endowment Fund-2008

To provide operating support to the Wayne County Foundation.

Murray Theatre Endowment Fund-2005

To provide operating and maintenance support of the Murray Theater building or the physical facility of the Richmond Civic Theatre.

Nettle Creek Schools Educational Endowment Fund-1988

To provide teacher mini-grants.

Bonnie Nicholson Endowment for Education-2008

To provide support to Northeastern Elementary School science programs.

William R. and Mary E. Niersbach Boys Club Endowment-1999

To benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wayne County.

William R. and Mary E. Niersbach Endowment Fund-1997

To benefit the cancer care programs of Reid Hospital.

Northeastern Schools Educational Endowment Fund-1989

To provide teacher mini-grants.

Robert L. O’Maley and Gregg Martin O'Maley Memorial Fund-1990
To benefit Leadership Wayne County, now the Institute for Creative Leadership, a program of Wayne County Vision.

Powers Fund to Benefit HELP the Animals-2011

Established with a bequest from Mary Elizabeth Powers, in memory of her sister Phyllis Joan Markey.  This fund will provide support to HELP the Animals.

Powers Fund to Benefit Optimist Little League-2011

Established with a bequest from Mary Elizabeth Powers, this fund will provide support to the Richmond Optimist Little League.

Richmond Community Schools Educational Endowment Fund-1989

To provide teacher mini-grants.

Will and Emma Rodefeld Family Fund-1981

To support Springwood Lake Park and the Wayne County Foundation.

Elmer J. and Esther T. (Meer) Schwegman Fund for Crossroads of Amercia Council BSA - 2014

To provide support to the Crossroads of America Council BSA specifically its programs serving Cambridge City and western Wayne County.

Elmer J. and Esther T. (Meer) Schwegman Fund for St. Elizabeth Catholic Church - 2014

To provide support to St. Elizabeth Catholic Church

Elmer J. and Esther T. (Meer) Schwegman Fund for Wayne County , Indiana, 4-H - 2014

To provide support to Wayne County, Indiana 4-H and specifically its programs serving Cambridge City and western Wayne County

Franklin and Barbara Schwegman Fund for Hagerstown Museum and Arts Place - 2015

To provide support to the Hagerstown Museum and Arts Place

Franklin and Barbara Schwegman Fund for Hagerstown-Jefferson Township Library - 2015

To provide support to the Hagerstown-Jefferson Township Library

Franklin and Barbara (Bavender) Schwegman Fund for the Brick Church Cemetery - 2015

To provide support to the Brick Church Cemetery, Hagerstown, Indiana

Friends of the William G. Scott House Fund-2003

To support the preservation of the historic home at 204 North 10th Street in Richmond. 

Seton High School Fund-2000

To provide for operating income for Seton High School.

Karl and Marjorie Sharp Fund for Boys and Girls Clubs of Wayne County-2013

To provide support to Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County.

Karl and Marjorie Sharp Fund for Richmond Civic Hall-2013

To provide support for youth programming through Richmond Civic Hall.

Karl and Marjorie Sharp Fund for Richmond Civic Theatre-2013

To provide support to Richmond Civic Theatre.

Karl and Marjorie Sharp Fund for Richmond Symphony Orchestra-2013

To provide support to Richmond Symphony Orchestra.

Karl and Marjorie Sharp Fund for United Way of Whitewater Valley-2013

To provide support to United Way of Whitewater Valley.

David Sherick HELP the Animals Endowment Fund-2015

To support HELP the Animals, Inc.

Siloam Clinic Endowment Fund-2011

To support the Siloam Clinic.

Philip and Eleanor Starr Memorial Endowment - 2014

To benefit the Richmond College Incentive Plan

Starr-Gennett Sustainability Fund - 2016

To provide general operating support to the Starr-Gennett Foundation

Rachel Steele Endowment to Benefit Families for HoPE - 2015

To provide support to Families for HoPE

Joan Vigran Memorial Fund-1994

To benefit Richmond Civic Theatre.

Wayne County Farm Bureau AgrIInstitute Fund - 2011

To provide support to the AgrIInstitute and its Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program.

Wayne County Foundation Operating Endowment Fund-2013

Wayne County Historical Museum Egyptian Gallery Endowment Fund - 2007

To provide for the maintenance and improvement of the Wayne County Historical Museum's Egyptian Gallery and the conservation and study of the Museum's Egyptian collection.

Western Wayne Educational Endowment-1989

To provide teacher mini-grants.

Wickemeyer Family Endowment Fund-2005

To benefit the Richmond Rose Garden and First English Lutheran Church’s youth group and music activities.

Lura Carnes Wine Endowment Fund-1980

To provide unrestricted gifts through the Foundation and to benefit the Richmond Symphony Orchestra.

Anne Withers Memorial Fund-1998

To benefit the YWCA.

The Women's Club Speaker Fund-2012

To support the fee associated with the first speaker of each season.

Benjamin F. and Lanette E. Young Fund to Benefit the Center for Leadership Development, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana - 2015

Youth as Resources Endowment Fund-2001

To support the youth-led and youth-initiated community service projects of the organization.

Zion’s Lutheran Church of East Germantown Indiana Fund-2000

To benefit Zion Lutheran Church as designated by the Church Council.

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Partners in Philanthropy

These organizations have chosen to use the Foundation to manage permanent endowment funds which provide income for the charitable purposes of the organization.

Achieva Resources Endowment Fund-1987

Beth Boruk Temple Endowment Fund-2001

Birth-to-Five, Inc. Endowment Fund-2006

Centerville Library Endowment Fund-2011

Community Christian School Endowment Fund-1998

Jim Cope Endowment Fund-2004

Camilla B. Dunn Endowment Fund to Benefit Centerstone -2008

Earlham Cemetery Heritage Fund-1998

Friends of Richmond Parks Fund-2008

The Becky Rosa Endowment for Girls Inc.-2008

Hayes Regional Arboretum Educational Endowment Fund-1997

Hope House Endowed Fund-2005

Indiana Football Hall of Fame Legacy Endowment Fund - 2014

Independent Center Endowment Fund-2008

Morrisson-Reeves Endowment Fund-2008

Nettle Creek Valley Museum Endowment Fund-1997

Quaker Hill Conference Center Fund-2014

Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund-1993

Richmond Civic Theatre Fund-2011

Richmond Friends School Nicholson / Smith Endowment Fund-2009

Richmond Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund-2000

United Way of Whitewater Valley Endowment Fund-2000

Wernle Youth and Family Treatment Center Endowment Fund-2011

Western Wayne Dollars for Scholars-2012

YWCA Endowment Fund-2007

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Donor Advised Funds

The donor may recommend (with a Donor Suggestion Form) possible grant recipients to the Foundation each year. Donor advised funds may be started by an individual, a corporation or a specific community.

Ahaus Tool Donor Advised Fund-2012

Barry and Carolyn MacDowell Family Fund-2013

Chris Benton Fund for Kiwanis-2014

Chris Hardie and Kelly Burk Donor Advised Fund-2006

Clarence and Julia Downs Family Fund-2000

Connie and Roger Green Donor Advised Fund-2011

Cooper M. Newton Fund-2012

David and Becky Harper Donor Advised Fund-1999

Doug and Ellen Bennett Donor Advised Fund-2001

Doxpop Charitable Giving Fund-2012

Faye Stewart Jose Family Fund-1986

First Bank Community Fund-1992

Fund for Tomorrow Donor Advised Fund - 2007

General Donor Advised Fund-1999

Girls Just Wanna Give Fund - 2014

Guthrie Family Door Advised Fund-2007

Hancock-Zelaya Donor Advised Fund-2016

Harry Ray Post 65 American Legion Fund-1998

Howard C. and Suzanne M. Deitsch Family Fund-2011

Joe and Roma Meyer Donor Advised Fund-2012

Kelli and Rob Quigg Donor Advised Fund-2005

Jim and Jill King Donor Advised Fund-2010

Kiwanis Club of Richmond, Inc. Fund-1993

Lowell Conley Musician Fund-2007

Nelson and Forrest Families Donor Advised Fund-2008

Noe Dudas Performing Arts Fund-2015

Robert L. and Toni L. Reinke Donor Advised Fund-2007

Rohe Family Donor Advised Fund - 2014

Ron and Rachel Hughes Donor Advised Fund-2011

Rosar Donor Advised Fund-2007

Rotary Club of Richmond, Inc. Endowment Fund-1998

Second Chance Fund-2014

Tom and Marilyn Barker Donor Advised Fund-2008

Wayne Bank and Trust Co. Community Fund-1997

Williamson Family Fund-2011

Women with Purpose Endowment Fund-2012

Women’s Fund-2001

Women's Giving Circle Endowment Fund-2011

Women's Giving Circle Fund-2008

Wooldridge Family Fund-2015

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Field of Interest Funds

The donor specifies a field of interest, but leaves selection of the exact recipients to the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Agribusiness Fund-2010

Established with unexpended unrestricted funds. The purpose of the fund is to be used to promote all aspects of Wayne County's agricultural heritage and future. The scope of projects that it may fund include but not limited to: gardening, 4-H and FFA projects, nutrition, farming, livestock, forestry, seed production, research, marketing, soil and water conservation, and renewable energy.

Florence Bultman Endowment Fund-2008

To be used for research for the cure of glaucoma.

The Children's Fund-1993
Income is to be used to provide materials, educational programs and treatment for the prevention of child abuse. Additional gifts are invited.

Early Childhood Literacy Endowment Fund-2006

To support early childhood literacy programs in Wayne County.

Easter Seals Camp Assistance Fund-2012

To provide support for people with disabilities to attend summer camps

Easter Seals Community Fund-2012

To support programs and organizations that assist people with disabilities.

Fine Arts Endowment Fund-2003

To provide funding for promtion of the fine arts in Richmond and Wayne County, including performances and exhibitions of the performing and visual arts.

Fred Gabbard Fund-2001

To provide physical, occupational and music therapy for people with special needs.

Goodwell Family Memorial Fund-1988
Established as the Donald Goodwell Memorial Fund and the name was changed in 1996. Income is used to support and promote literacy programs.

Roscoe & Rosa Haindel Fund-1994
Established as a charitable trust in 1948 and later assigned to the Foundation. Income is to benefit youth programs to fight juvenile delinquency in Richmond.

J.B. & Frances Holthouse Family Fund-1984
Income is to support mental health programs.

Vic and Faye Jose Fund for Childhood Literacy - 2014

Established with the proceeds of Vic Jose’s life insurance policy by direction of the Wayne County Foundation Board of Directors, this new fund will provide grants to non-profit organizations who support/aid in childhood literacy and education for children in the primary grades and younger.

Literacy Fund-2004

To support organizations and projects to promote literacy in Wayne County, Indiana.

Father John Luerman Fund for Western Wayne County - 2014

To provide support for organizations, programs, and initiatives attempting to address hunger and poverty issues amoung residents of Cambridge City and western Wayne County.

Charles and Maxine Matthews Arts Fund-2012

To support visual and performing arts programs, including (though not strictly limited to) those of Richmond Civic Theatre, Richmond Symphony Orchestra, Richmond Art Museum, and the Wayne County Historical Museum.

Charles and Maxine Matthews Education Fund-2012

To support educational programs, including (though not strictly limited to) those of Morrisson-Reeves Library literacy programs, educational projects of the Boys and Girls Clubs, Townsend Community Center, Girls Inc., the YMCA and YWCA, and Achieva Resources.

Charles and Maxine Matthews Environmental and Animal Welfare Fund-2012

To support environmental conservation and animal welfare programs, including (though not stricly limited to) those of Hays Arboretum, Cope Environmental Center, the Richmond Department of Parks and Recreation, and organizations that promote animal welfare.

Abram Phillips Trust-1996
Abram Phillips settled in Richmond about 1838. Upon his death in 1884, he established a trust containing the Phillips Opera House and other real estate owned by Mr. Phillips on East Main Street in Richmond. He provided that upon the death of his sister, the trust assets should be used to assist "poor persons over fifty years of age...taking care not to encourage idleness or intemperance". The Trust was transferred to the Foundation in 1996.

William L. & Elivra J. Thomas Memorial Fund-1988
Income is to benefit mental health programs.

Harry and Marilyn Voyles Donor Advised Fund-1999

To support various charitable organizations and community projects.

Miriam D. and J. Rollf Wadman Memorial Fund #1-1996

To support animal welfare programs and organizations that train anaimals for handicapped persons.

Miriam D. and J. Rollf Wadman Memorial Fund #2-1996
Funded with assets from the estate of Miriam Wadman to support animal welfare and organizations that train animals for handicapped persons.

Gertrude Luckhardt Ward Fund for Neighborhood Revitalization-1991
Established by Matthew Stegall as the Elizabeth Starr Fund and renamed in memory of the preservationist "Lucky" Ward after her untimely death in 1997. Income to benefit county revitalization projects and awards.

Patricia Wedding Fund for Animal Care - 2014

Doris Evelyn Wyatt Endowment Fund-2011

Established from a bequest, this fund will be used for the homeless of Wayne County, Indiana.

Bob York Memorial Fund-2001

To benefit cancer research and other cancer-related issues.

Senior Volunteer Services Fund-2015

To support senior citizen interests, specifically "senior volunteer services"

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Charitable Trusts and Gift Annuities

These funds have been established by donors who have made a gift to the foundation and retain a lifetime income interest. The remainder will be used for charitable purposes.

Frank and Mary Alice Adney Charitable Gift Annuity

Julia Downs Charitable Gift Annuity

James D. and Penny C. Duke Charitable Gift Annuity

Roger and Marcia Grimm Charitable Remainder Trust

Jon and Suzette Igelman Charitable Remainder Trust

Ed and Carolyn Lafever Charitable Gift Annuity

Joan Martin Charitable Gift Annuity

Niersbach Annuity

Niersbach Annuity #2

Niersbach Annuity #3

Nixon Annuity

Sherry Petry Charitable Gift Annuity

Marvin R. and Rebecca S. Railsback Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

Roy M. Ridge Charitable Gift Annuity

George N. Schmid Charitable Gift Annuity

Mary L. Schmid Charitable Gift Annuity

Connie and Carl Wooldridge Charitable Gift Annuity

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Non-Permanent Funds

These temporary funds have been established to receive contributions on behalf of specific charitable organizations or causes. Often these assist short-term projects or organizations that have not yet received a tax exemption from the IRS.

Action Fund

Richmond Park and Recreation Department Bark Park Agency Fund

Friends of McBride Stadium Fund

Lemonade Day Fund

Mothers Bank Fund

Richmond Rose Garden Agency Fund

Starr-Gennett Agency Fund

Wayne County Learning Corporation Fund

Whitewater Gorge Park Project Fund

Whitewater Valley Arts Fusion Fund

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Operating Endowments

For the ongoing support of the Wayne County Foundation

Bowen Family Operating Endowment Fund-1999

H. Charles and Joan Bartel Operating Endowment Fund-2004

Mary Helen Miller Operating Endowment Fund-2008

Alice J. Crye Operating Endowment-2007

Hugh and Sara Rpnald Memorial Fund-2013

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Restricted Field of Interest

Bartel and Rohe Fund for School Supplies - 2014

To provide support to the public elementary schools of Wayne County to purchase necessary school supplies.

Cambridge City 175th Commemorative Book Fund-2011

To provide support of Cambridge City's 175th Anniversary and the work of the Commemorative Book Committee in support of the Cambridge City Public Library History Room.

GED Scholarship Fund-2004

To provide scholarships to students pursuing their General Education Development Diploma through the Adult Education Program of Richmond Community

Hagerstown Hometown Fund - 2014

To provide support for organizations, programs, and initiatives that will improve the quality of life of Hagerstown, Indiana, area residents, especially with respect to education and social services.

Anna Belle Henthorne Memorial Scholarship-1988
To provide a scholarship and two art show awards at Richmond Art Museum.

Milton Town Fund-2008

To support various projects and initiatives to benefit the Milton community.

Richmond Area Environmental Fund-1998
Established by Richmond attorney Robert Delaney to purchase trees and plants for Richmond's public areas.

Wayne County Farm Bureau Ag Leadership-2012

To provide support for adults in Wayne County who are involved in agriculture-related disciplines to improve their leadership skills or advance agriculture-related professional development.

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Supporting Organizations

Vigran Family Foundation-2001
Stanley L. Vigran created this Foundation with the largest gift from a living individual, to support the causes of education, arts and religion.

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Unrestricted Funds

Ahaus Family Fund-2002

Anonymous Family Fund-2002

Ball-Bolle Family Fund-2002

Bank One Endowment Fund-2002

Bob Rosa Family Fund-2002

Brady Family Fund-2002

Capital Campaign Fund-2007

Charles A. and Billi A. Rodefeld Family Endowment Fund-2005

Discretionary Fund-2006

Doug and Ellen Bennett Endowment Fund-2002

Emergency Fund-2006

Erma Rich Unrestricted Fund-2015

Ernie and Betty Mills Unrestricted Fund - 2014

Eunice E. Dare Unrestricted Fund-2013

Gethers Family Fund-2002

Glen and Jewell Spears Endowment Fund-2005

Harry and Catherine Thomas Memorial Fund-1992

Hub and Zella Etchison Memorial Fund-1994

J. Ross and Natalie Harrington Memorial Fund-2000

Janette Nottingham Memorial Fund-2002

Jeannette Rodefeld Memorial Fund-1992

Jeffers Family Fund-2002

Joan Martin Endowment Fund-2003

John H. and Mary J. Brubaker Memorial Fund-2000

Jon Morgan Endowment Fund-2002

Julia Downs Endowment Fund-2003

Kleinknecht Endowment Fund-2002

Len and Mary Jo Clark Endowment Fund - 2014

Lilly GIFT VI Fund - 2014

Lilly Endowment Inc. Unrestricted Fund-1994

Lowell Robinson Family Fund-2017

Mann Family Youth and Education Fund-1985

Margie Tanner Memorial Endowment-2016

Maria Ingabrand Memorial Fund-1985

Mary Louise Custer Memorial Fund-1997

Matching Seed Money Fund-2007

Memorial and Honor Fund-1979

Mike and Carol Hinshaw Endowment Fund-2002

Nora Lee Latture Memorial Fund-2005

Patricia and Marlowe Kluter Memorial Endowment Fund-2010

Patricia Wedding Unrestricted Fund - 2014

Paul and Pat Lingle Endowment Fund-2002

Philip and Eleanor Starr Unrestricted Endowment-2015

Powers Unrestricted Fund-2013

Ray J. and Mildred Raper Memorial Fund-2002

Reid Social Responsibility Endowment Fund-2002

Robert R. Rhoads Community Endowment Fund-2002

Roger and Connie Green Family Fund-2015

Rosar Family Fund-2002

Roy M. Ridge Endowment Fund-2002

Ruby Ellen Phillips Memorial Fund-1992

Ruth and Henry Macy Memorial Endowment Fund-1988

Stamm-Koechlein Family Fund - 2002

Susan Isaacs Endowment Fund - 2015

Suzanne G. Quigg Memorial Fund-2003

The Lafever Fund-2015

Unrestricted Fund for Wayne County-1979

Wayne County Foundation Board Members' Fund to Support Unrestricted Grantmaking-2015

West End Bank Community Fund-2002

William F. Adler Memorial Fund-2001

William F. Adler Unrestricted Fund-2008

William H. Reller Memorial Fund-2000

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