What We Fund

The Foundation seeks to fund a variety of projects which directly benefit the citizens of Wayne County.  In order to receive funding, the applicant must be a 501(c)3 organization operating in Wayne County, Indiana or an organization whose project serves a very broad segment of the community.  Priority is given to projects which:

  • Address a community problem or special project of some significance in a way
    not already being attempted or already being funded by some other means


  • Present an innovative and practical approach to a community problem or project
  • Promote collaborative relationships between organizations in order to most
    effectively leverage resources and reduce duplication of services
  • Have a broad reach, as represented by the number of people involved or
    affected, and/or demonstrates a significant importance or depth of impact to
    those who are involved or affected
  • Set forth a work plan which shows an ability to achieve the project's goal
  • Demonstrate sustainability for projects or programs that are to be ongoing
  • Give evidence of the qualifications and stability of the organization applying
  • Come from organizations which did not participate in the most recent Challenge

Because of state and federal laws under which the Foundation operates, the following cannot or generally will not be supported through discretionary grants:

  • Annual Fund Campaigns and/or Operating Funds
  • Debt reduction
  • Religious purposes or capital improvements to church-owned facilities
  • Political activity
  • Grants to individuals
  • Individual travel
  • Public school services required by state law
  • Standard instructional or regular operating costs of non-public schools
  • Organizations that have already received funding from the Foundation in a
    traditional cycle in the current calendar year
  • Organizations that have an unexpended award still active from any prior
    traditional cycle for a purpose similar to the current application, except Capital
    Improvement Awards

Legal requirements forbid staff, board members and their families from profiting financially from any grant.  Beyond that all persons actively connected with the Foundation will consistently strive to avoid self-interest in the processing and disposition of grant requests.





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